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Anti Ageing Medicine


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Anti-Aging Medicine is a relatively new speciality probably still in its infancy. It has emerged because human beings have a constant desire to look and feel youthful. It describes how a combination of interventions, be it a drug, hormone replacement, mineral or vitamin supplement or lifestyle changes, can help to slow or reverse the effect of aging. It is not to be confused with Geriatric Medicine, which is a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of the elderly.

Anti-Aging Medicine deals with the varying aspects and problems of aging, like menopause / andropause ( male menopause), depression, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders, lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, and problems of weight.

Diet, exercise and stress reduction are anti-aging or increase life span as they prevent diseases like hypertension and keep a person healthy. There is ongoing research on antioxidants and hormone replacement as anti-aging agents, because of their ability to reverse cellular degeneration that is associated with the process of aging.

Each patient is evaluated and his/her individual needs identified and a personal treatment plan prepared. A combination of different treatment strategies are aimed at making you look and feel younger and healthier.

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