Autologous fat transfer has long been a wonderful concept.
 However, this procedure had not gained wide acceptance due to a
lack of understanding of the cellular biology, which has led to
 un- predictable clinical outcomes. 
Cell enriched fat grafting increases the uptake of fat graft.
With this technique, the lipoaspirate is divided into equal parts.
Stem cells are isolated from one part through washing, enzymatic 
digestion and centrifugation, and then reintroduced into the remaining
lipoaspirate, there- by doubling the concentration of stem cells in 
the fat graft. 
In addition, cell enriched fat grafting provides the benefit of 
skin rejuvenation, which gives it an advantage over synthetic dermal fillers.
We have injected adipocyte derived regenerative cells[stem cells]
into burn scars as a theraputic trial with good results.
It holds a lot of promise for burn scar treatment.

BURN SCAR-BEFORE                                                                             BURN SCAR-AFTER

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