Ultrasonic Liposuction

This type of liposuction is available in India now,and it
offers the ability to refine body areas with more delicacy and less trauma
to the tissues by utilizing breakthrough ultrasonic energy technology.

It gently liquefies fat and removes it from surrounding tissue by using controlled
ultrasonic energy. In fact it is so gentle that it can be used even in very sensitive,
delicate areas of the body like the face and neck.

This is especially effective in removing fat from fibrous areas such as the chest and the back,
though it can also be used on such areas as the arms, buttocks, love handles, and chin.
It is available under the names of Lysonix and Vaser.
Both the options are available at the Image Medical Centre now.

With ultrasound Liposuction,you can expect

1.  Realistic curves and definition, even for hard-to-fix spots
2.  Easy removal of large quantities of fat
3.  Precise sculpting of delicate areas of the body
4.  Minimally invasive procedures that can be delivered in a comfortable, clinical setting
5.Fast recovery times
6.  Smooth, tight results

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  1. Sarita says:

    I want to get liposuction of tummy done – how many days will I have to take off work?

  2. Rekha says:

    Can this be used on tummy area?

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