Latest trends in breast enhancement

Latest trends in breast enhancement.
A more natural look is what’s trending in breast enhancement surgeries. Over the past few years, more natural, teardrop-shaped
silicone implants have given us more natural results for the woman who wants that.Recently I have seen an influx of women who
had previously sworn them off because they didn’t want those big, round, fake looking breasts. There are so many new,
more natural techniques. We have natural looking anatomical implants. We can also do fat grafting to add a little volume for
a woman who would never want an implant.The fat can be harvested from thighs or abdomen & helps in enhancing breasts while
potentially reshaping problem areas. Fat is harvested using tumuscent liposuction and then strategically placed into the breasts.
The transferred fat is then absorbed at a rate of 25 percent to 50 percent; the remaining fat creates natural volume and contour
to enhance breasts & gives more natural & pleasing results.

Caveats: At this point, fat grafting is for the woman who wants “a little additional fullness.It’s for the person who’s a B

and she wants to be a C, or a full B. It’s not for the woman who wants to go up two cup sizes
… yet.If somebody wants two cup size increase,implants are still gold standard.
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