Teenage Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The nose job, or rhinoplasty, is the most common cosmetic surgery done in the teens, and according to some reports, its popularity is on the rise. Teenage years are a delicate period in one’s life, and as one matures physically, there is immense peer pressure to look the best.

The nose being the most prominent feature on the face, is often the target of their dislike. But rhinoplasty is one surgery where timing is critical. As a child matures, the bones of the face are growing as well, and prematurely disturbing this facial growth center could lead to abnormal development of the face.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the nose has usually completed 90 percent of its growth by the time girls reach the age of 14, and boys reach the age of 16.

It is essential that teenagers should be assessed for physical and mental maturity before accepting them for surgery. Trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons know to ensure, that the youngsters fully understand that the procedure is permanent, the limitations of surgery and that they have realistic expectations of the results of the surgery. If the surgeon suspects Body Dysmorphic Disorder or other psychological issues, then the teenager should be referred for further psychological evaluation.

If the patient is not sure, it is better to delay the surgery, as it can easily be done later but it is very difficult to redo rhinoplasty well.

If you want an opinion, make sure you consult a fully trained plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

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