Beware of the sugary treat!

Expert are warning that excess of sugar in the diet can be as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco and is thought to be the leading cause of the obesity epidemic.

Sugar comes in two forms, the naturally occurring sugar like lactose in milk and added sugar like sucrose (table sugar) and concentrated form in fruit juices. The current recommendations from the world health organisation are that only 5% of the daily calorie requirement should come from added sugars, i.e.  approximately five to six tea spoons of sugar per day for women and seven to eight for men.

Be sugar aware:

  • Cut down the added sugar in  hot drinks. Reduce it slowly so you will not notice it
  • Better to eat fruit than drink fruit juice – each bottle of juice can contain upto to eight teaspoons of sugar
  • Processed food like ketchup, sauces and precooked low fat meals contain a high sugar content
  • Each can of fizzy drink contains upto eight teaspoons of sugar, try iced lemon water instead
  • Save the chocolates and cakes for special occasions and weekend treats











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