First week after rhinoplasty (nose job)

Having a nose job is a life changing experience. The first week after rhinoplasty can be made easy by thinking through and planning it in advance.

Take some time off work if possible, so that you can rest and allow good healing. Keep painkillers at home in case you need them.  Keep your diet light and healthy, with soups, salads and home made Indian food.  Pineapple (eating it or juice) may help to reduce bruising. Keep some good books, magazines or films handy to help you pass your time easily. You do not need to stay in bed, in fact that will make you feel ill. Get dressed and walk around the house.  Get some of your close friends to come over for a cup of coffee, chatting with friends and telling them how you feel will have a calming effect.

Do not do any strenuous exercise and follow the surgeon’s instructions. Do not hesitate to call your surgeon if in doubt.  The bruising and swelling if any will ease off slowly.

Think positively of the good time ahead with your new nose and look.

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