Weight loss!

There is so much written about various weight loss methods that it can be confusing to know what advice to follow.  It is definitely true that maintaining a healthy weight is important for cardiovascular fitness and overall well being. We know for certain that it prolongs life.

So what to eat? The basic principle for weight loss is that the calories consumed must be less than the calories used. So any weigh loss programme should combine eating healthy, balanced, low calorie diet and an effective exercise regime. One does not have to go to the gym to be active. Small lifestyle changes also count. Walking to the shop, using stairs instead of the lift, getting up to pick up the remote or to get a glass of water.

Setting a target of how many steps you take a day is useful to keep yourself motivated. Appliances like smartphones or Fitbit help you track your activity.

Set up targets and share with friends.

Count your calories and be on the move.



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