‘Botox’ – to make you happy!

Happiness is a state of mind. Psychologists say that  we can increase our state of happiness by looking happy  and consciously creating happiness around us. This is the rationale of the laughter clubs that are mushrooming in all the big cities of India.  Now men and women are using botox treatment to make their faces look happier.

With age, the facial skin sags and frown lines that appear, especially on the forehead. This can create a look of sadness, anger  or constant frowning. Botox treatment can straighten these lines and make the skin more taught, thus improving the look of the face. Recently, some studies have reported that Botox treatment to make the face look less sad  can be a way of treating depression.

Many cosmetic doctors report an increase in the requests for Botox treatment during the party season, as people not only want to look youthful and radiant, but also happy and pleasing.

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