Egg yolk for hair growth

An egg a day may keep hair loss at bay. According to a recent study in Japan, human hair follicles implanted into mice found that egg yolk stimulated the growth of new human hair cells. A compound in egg yolk, which when applied or taken orally, stimulates a protein called vascular endothelial growth factor, which is important for human hair cell repair and growth. So don’t throw the yolk away.

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Rhinoplasty makes you more attractive!

A recent article was published in the journal JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Facial Plastic Surgery, ‘Association of Rhinoplasty with Perceived Attractiveness, Success and Overall Health’ .
In this they report a web based survey of nearly 500 observers who were asked to rate images of patients pre and post rhinoplasty surgery, with regards to their attractiveness, success and overall health. The observers were blinded to whether the images were of the patient  before or after rhinoplasty surgery.
The result showed that rhinoplasty surgery made the observers report the patients being more attractive,
successful and healthy.
We know that rhinoplasty boosts self-confidence and image, and that must come from others
finding the person more attractive.
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Liposculpture for a fit body!

In today’s fitness era, many people want to look good naked of minimally dressed. So they go to the gym,watch calories,eat healthy organic food but all the green tea, salmon,salads & dark chocolate may not always make thigh cellulite disappear. That is where liposculpture comes in handy with a variety of new liposuction techniques like Vaser lipo to safely remove fat from the areas where people don’t want it & deposit it where they do in order to contour & shape the body & improve body image. Modern liposuction techniques are also capable of creating well chiseled bodies & even six packs. So eat right, exercise & stay fit & get the body you want by liposculpture.

LIPOSCULPTURE for a fit body!

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