Lip Injections for men!

One would think that fuller lips is a very feminine trait and only women go for 
lip injections. But according to the independent newspaper, there has been a significant increase  in the number of men seeking lip ‘menjections’ to get a natural looking ‘smirk’ and a fuller lower  lip. Facebook, selfie culture  and the trend to constantly exchange photographs on social media has put a lot of emphasis of facial features. So anything to make the face look more ‘sexy’  is tried,  not only by the young, but also  the  middle aged people.

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How to decide on the size of the breast implant

Planning a breast augmentation procedure?. How do you decide on the size of the implant that would be suitable for  you?  And this has to be planned, as biggest is not always the best.
 Breast implants are measured in volume, cubic centimeters (cc’s), So asking for a size C or D may not mean much, as these sizes may vary. So you need to decide on a cubic centimeter size.
Choice of a suitable breast implant is made by a joint consultation and decision between the surgeon and the patient. You need to tell the surgeon your expectations and desires from the surgery. Your surgeon will examine and measure your chest, checking the width, symmetry and laxity of the skin. You should have enough skin and tissue to comfortably cover the breast implant. Cleavage is dependent both on the size of the breast and the space between them.
It is important to listen to your surgeon’s advice. Even though your are paying for and having the surgery, it is your surgeon who has to perform the surgery and he knows what is feasible. And he really does want to give you the best result possible.
So find a qualified and experienced surgeon. At the consultation, express yourself well, ask questions and be satisfied with the plan and then trust your surgeon.
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Female Sexual Enhancement Procedure

The ‘O-shot’ procedure is becoming popular among women to improve their pleasure during sexual interaction. Almost 10% women do not experience orgasm, and there are are not many treatment options.

In this procedure, blood is withdrawn from the patient’s vein and blood derived growth factors are separated using a centrifuge. This  rich fluid is then injected into the clitoral and upper vaginal area and stimulates clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation.

This procedure is done using local anaesthetic cream and takes about 30 minutes.


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