Weight loss!

There is so much written about various weight loss methods that it can be confusing to know what advice to follow.  It is definitely true that maintaining a healthy weight is important for cardiovascular fitness and overall well being. We know for certain that it prolongs life.

So what to eat? The basic principle for weight loss is that the calories consumed must be less than the calories used. So any weigh loss programme should combine eating healthy, balanced, low calorie diet and an effective exercise regime. One does not have to go to the gym to be active. Small lifestyle changes also count. Walking to the shop, using stairs instead of the lift, getting up to pick up the remote or to get a glass of water.

Setting a target of how many steps you take a day is useful to keep yourself motivated. Appliances like smartphones or Fitbit help you track your activity.

Set up targets and share with friends.

Count your calories and be on the move.



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Lip Augmentation

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentation procedures are fast becoming one of the most popular facial procedure in the United States. The growth of social media probably has a lot to do with this, with lips being a prominent feature of the face in the selfies.  Lips go a long way in defining  a person’s face and are the sensual feature of our face.
There are several big and subtle procedures that can be done to augment the lips. Lip filler injections produce effective, immediate results. The effect wears off after a few months, so if a patient did not like it, then they are back to normal and if they did like it , then it can repeated to maintain the effect.
Lip implant is more permanent, but can be reversed. The newer implants are available in a variety of sizes and can be inserted with minimal stitches, bruising, swelling and quick recovery. The advantage is one does not need repeated injections.
Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner are the fuller lips icons, among the thousand women surveyed.
ASPS warns patients to choose a qualified and trained surgeon to do the procedure as they understand the entire asymmetry of the face. Mistakes can be disastrous.
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First week after rhinoplasty (nose job)

Having a nose job is a life changing experience. The first week after rhinoplasty can be made easy by thinking through and planning it in advance.

Take some time off work if possible, so that you can rest and allow good healing. Keep painkillers at home in case you need them.  Keep your diet light and healthy, with soups, salads and home made Indian food.  Pineapple (eating it or juice) may help to reduce bruising. Keep some good books, magazines or films handy to help you pass your time easily. You do not need to stay in bed, in fact that will make you feel ill. Get dressed and walk around the house.  Get some of your close friends to come over for a cup of coffee, chatting with friends and telling them how you feel will have a calming effect.

Do not do any strenuous exercise and follow the surgeon’s instructions. Do not hesitate to call your surgeon if in doubt.  The bruising and swelling if any will ease off slowly.

Think positively of the good time ahead with your new nose and look.

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