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Breast Enlargement / Breast Augmentation


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Increasing the size of the breasts by surgical insertion of breast implants is called breast augmentation. 

There may be several reasons for women to want breast augmentation. Some women may normally have small breasts or as a result of weight loss or childbirth. Occasionally the breasts may be asymmetrical. Correcting this with breast implants can make women feel happier with their body image and enhance self esteem. They feel more confident wearing well fitting clothes. 

During consultation, your surgeon will discuss about the type and size of the implant to be used. The size will depend upon what you want and what can be achieved surgically. 

Breast implants are safe and there is no evidence to suggest they cause breast cancer or other diseases. Your surgeon will be able to discuss this further at the time of the consultation. 

The surgery is done under a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make an incision (cut) either under the breast along the natural crease, in the armpit or along the areola (the dark area around the nipple). The implant in inserted in a pocket created under the breast tissue or under the muscle behind the breast. In most cases you are able to go home the next day. You may be required to wear a dressing or supportive bra for sometime. Post surgery, there maybe some restriction of vigorous activities especially lifting heavy objects. Most women can go back to work in one week and to normal activities in about 2-3 weeks. This will also depend on your general level of fitness and the type of job you do. 

Post surgical complications maybe pain, infection, visible scars and temporary or permanent change in sensation in the breast or nipple. Very rarely the tissue surrounding the implant may contract (capsular contracture), leading to change in the texture and shape of the breast and pain. If saline filled implants are used, they may occasionally rupture. Early cancer detection by mammography may be impaired by the presence of implants. Please discuss any concerns with your surgeon. Breast implant surgery is regularly done at Image Medical Centre. Anatomical Breast Implants 

Traditionally, breast implants have been round and work by adding volume to the breasts. Anatomical implants are customized to provide shape and volume to mimic youthful looking breasts. They are teardrop shaped to provide a flatter upper curve and a fuller lower curve. These implants are more difficult to insert and surgeons need special training in this technique. Dr. Dhir travelled to Seoul, Korea in 2013 specially to get this training. These implants give a very natural shape to breasts. 

Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation 

Fat taken from the patient's own body is becoming very popular as the latest procedure for adding volume.. This has also been used to enhance or reshape breasts. Fat is taken from the patient's tummy, thighs or buttocks by liposuction and transferred to the breast. It is more natural than implants and can also be used to fill in defects post breast reconstruction. Fat grafting can also be used to add volume & shape to breasts with silicon implants.This procedure is also very useful for correcting the asymmetry in size of both breasts and is being routinely done at Image Medical Centre.

Dr. Anup Dhir 
Cosmetic Surgeon 
New Delhi, India     

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