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Derma Filler Laser Surgery & Dermabrasion Chemical Peels India


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Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes and on the forehead and cheek areas may be improved with a wide range of treatments. For enhancing the overall texture and appearance of the skin, there are gels, creams and lotions, including Retin-A and products containing alphahydroxy acids, which may be prescribed for at home use.

Chemical peels of varying types and strengths can be applied in your surgeon's office or operating facility. An acid solution is applied to the entire face or to specific areas to peel away the skin's top layers.

Dermabrasion- a procedure in which a high-speed rotary wheel, similar to fine-grained sandpaper, is used to abrade the skin- sometimes is recommended for extensive sun damage, wrinkling or pockmarks. Skin resurfacing using a variety of lasers is another popular technique to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and achieve some degree of skin tightening.

A few days following a deep peel, dermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing, a new skin emerges. Its bright pink color will fade over several months and may be covered with makeup. Permanent pigment changes, usually lighter in color, may occur with some treatments. Avoid strenuous activities and exposure to sunlight for the first few weeks, and always use a sun block when going outdoors.

Your surgeon may recommend injectable filler such as collagen or fat to diminish facial lines and wrinkles. To improve deeper creases or enhance lip fullness, there are also filler materials that can be surgically implanted. Injections of botulinum toxin may be used for temporary reduction of lines and wrinkles caused by facial muscle contraction.

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