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Gynaecomastia Surgery


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Gynaecomastia Surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure. If there is enlargement of breast tissue in men which appears as breast development, it is called gynaecosmastia (man boobs).  It starts under the nipple and spreads outward and is caused by  enlargement of glandular tissue (not fat tissue). It can develop on  one side of the breast or can affect both sides.

Gynaecomastia is more common in adolescents and young adult men, especially during pubertal development.  In obese men, fatty tissued over the breast area can look like breast development and can be mistaken for gynaecomastia.
Testosterone is the male sex hormone and controls the male sexual characteristics. Men also have a low level of oestrogen ( female sex hormone).  In some men there may be an  imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen, leading to higher than normal levels of oestrogen. This may promote development of breast glandular tissue and therefore cause gynaecomastia. Some genetic conditions can predispose to gynaecomastia and some  medications that can cause it.
Gynaecomastia is usually physiological and causes no harm to the men. It may be advisable to get it reviewed by a doctor, if it is causing pain or discomfort or if there is a well defined lump in it.
If causing no problem, gynaecomastia does not necessarily need treatment. But in young men, it can lead to embarrassment and psychological issues. Embarrassment with  their body image, makes them avoid wearing  tight clothes or going to the gym or for swimming. This not only leads to  social isolation, but can also have a negative impact on their health.
If the gynaecomastia is  severe or atypical, it  should be investigated to look for any treatable underlying cause. If all the underlying investigations are normal, surgical correction is possible and recommended.
In very obese individuals, it may be  recommended to lose weight before surgery. With this, fatty tissue around your chest will be reduced making the glandular tissue more apparent.
The surgery is usually done  as a day case and  under a general anesthetic. Occasionally, a night’s stay in hospital may be needed. The surgery may involve excision or endoscopic  liposuction to remove the glandular tissue, or a combination of both.
Post surgery, there may be some bruising and swelling in the area.  The bandages are usually removed in a few days but after that  you may be asked to wear a supporting garment. The scars may be initially red and raised, but will settle and gradually fade away.
You should take atleast a week off work and avoid strenuous activity for 3 – 4 weeks after the surgery.
Make sure you choose a trained and experience cosmetic surgeon, who can offer you the best results.

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