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Stem Cell Fat Grafting in India


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Fat Grafting Enriched With Rrgenerative Cells

REGENERATIVE CELLS also referred as adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) are being used for breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation. The Celution system helps to extract ADRCs and PureGraft system is used to purify the fat graft. Celution enables the surgeon to extract a stable amount of ADRCs and PureGraft uses lipodialysis, a methodology that effectively removes saline and free lipids in a short period of time, whereas in the past, doctors were using a centrifuge to extract saline and to free lipids from the fat graft.

PureGraft is a sterile plastic bag that enables a manual process of separating fat tissue from blood, saline and other unwanted materials and process can be completed in 15 minutes. Because of the unique action of stem cells, this process produces fat graft survival higher than that achieved by conventional fat injection and allows durable, natural rejuvenation.

Some of surgeons who have performed a large number of surgeries have found the Breast size has become stable after three months, and the average size difference is 3.3 cm when they measured the patients nine months after the cases, This technique can be used not only for breast augmentation but also for breast reconstruction after partial mastectomy. In addition, for facial rejuvenation, this technology has the possibility of improving not only for wrinkles but also for skin texture.

Some challenges have to looked into while working with ADRCs and these include how to best harvest, process and inject the graft tissue so that it does not get absorbed and that’s where Cytori’s Celution device comes handy as the cell-enriched grafts can be prepared at the point of care in about 90 minutes.

Cell enhanced fat graft can be used for breast augmentation,reconstruction ,facial rejuvenation,& to improve the quality of scars.

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